The hidden secret behind your business… is YOU!

But you are too close to your business to sort out your thoughts.

In just 3 short exercises with me, I’ll have you identify what makes you unique and what strengths you should focus on.

Not only will these exercises be enjoyable, they will be invigorating.

I guarantee you will leave with a clearer purpose, and a renewed energy to push your business to the next level.


What Makes Your Exercises So Special?

Don’t he think we could’ve got some other space cadet to hit Rebenga cheaper, too? Fifty bucks.

Then why didn’t you?

~ Scarface

The answer to why you should go through these exercises with me is that you won’t on your own. That’s why you’re here, reading.

If you could do them on your own, why didn’t you?

Relax and focus on what you do best, and let me bring that out of you and distill it so the rest of the world gets it.

I could just send you a list of questions to fill out. But that never works.

Most people don’t think by writing. Writing is a chore.

It’s the interview process, half psychiatrist and half deviant voyeur that I am, that pulls the high-altitude truth out of you.

My background in filmmaking honed me for documentary interviewing. And it means you’ll have a good time as we do it.

But even more than that, my fiction filmmaking led me to do thousands of auditions with actors.


Yet unless you’re dealing with the 0.001% (once in a lifetime super talent), it’s much easier to cast to type.

That means I never cast an actor in a role they weren’t already partially playing in everyday life.

And we would deep-dive the role, discussing it for hours, pouring over each and every reason why they would pick up a cup of coffee a certain way.

We will get to the bottom of what you have to offer, and why your future audience is RABID for it.

Then we will play to the audience and figure out the angle that the light hits your face best.


Stupid Results

I did these exercises with a friend who makes FIVE TIMES what I make.

It blew his mind:

“As always, your advice was brilliant! I’m surprised at how good and cathartic this process was.

Thank you for adding an immense amount of value to the way I have started perceiving things.”

He’s off doing $50K deals at a time.

Even the mouse can help the lion sometimes.

Let’s scrub your brain together. I promise it will be fun.

How to get started:

Email with the subject line “mind map” and we will set the interview time for our first exercise.

Cost = $300